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Movie Review Super Capers–Good


Growing up, just how many of you wanted to be, or during “play time” pretended to be,  Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the Boy Wonder Robin, or even the villainous Riddler, Joker or Pruneface?  I am willing to bet, a lot of you (and that group includes both of my brothers).  Let’s face it -to kids – and even to adults – super heroes with super powers is a pretty cool thing. Continue reading Movie Review Super Capers–Good

Race To Witch Mountain–GOOD

When I look back at my life, and as I have similarly heard so often from many of you, movies represent key moments and influence thoughts, feelings and, to a large degree, often shape who and what we become.  And I don’t know of anyone in my circle of friends and acquaintances who wasn’t touched in some manner by the classic Disney films, “Escape to Witch Mountain” and “Return from Witch Mountain.”  For me, even then, it was a joy to not only experience the thrill of watching alien kids Tia and Tony exercise their super powers and be adventurous and self-sufficient (not to mention the whole UFO, spaceship, planetary travel aspects), but to see legendary Hollywood stars like Bette Davis, Ray Milland, Eddie Albert, Donald Pleasance, Denver Pyle and Jack Soo starring in what many perceived as”kid” movies.  This was, and still is, pure magic.

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Sunshine Cleaning–GOOD

“Little Miss Sunshine”, SUNSHINE CLEANING.   Don’t get confused by the two but be forewarned that the parallels between these two films start from the get-go; not the least of which are the dark blend of comedy, Alan Arkin, an adorable kid, a dysfunctional family, the same producing team that brought us “Little Miss Sunshine” and let’s face it, fun, charm and that irrepressible adorable factor thanks to Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.

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In looking through the annals of film, there is one title that consistently appears on virtually everyone’s list as being classic, iconic, masterful, mandatory viewing and a must see for any filmmaker – “Twelve Angry Men” – Sidney Lumet’s 1957 character study of 12 strangers serving as jurors to a murder trial of a young man.  It is these 12 distinct personalities who will decide the fate of another total stranger.  While many may believe the law is cut and dried and jury deliberations are based on testimony and legal instruction, it is, in fact, the life experience and mores of each individual juror that shape their reasoning, thought process, interpretation and analysis of a situation and ultimately, their vote in a jury room.  TAM wields an emotional sledgehammer and intensity that is so well crafted that it has not only stood the test of time for some 50 years, but has spawned remakes in every medium.  And now, thanks to acclaimed Academy Award winning director Nikolai Mikhalkov, we have a re-imagination of TAM for the 21st Century with 12.

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