Monthly Archives: May 2009

Christine and the Midnight Spirographs

by Shannon Logan

I just realized that the title of this blog sounds like I’m writing about a band. I think that’s kind of funny. I’m actually writing about a woman I met in November 2008 who organizes an event called Midnight Spirographs, a small fundraiser held bi-monthly at the Far Bar in Little Tokyo that raises money [...]

Blankenship Cuban Ballet Extravaganza

by Shannon Logan

I am having a lot of firsts lately. For someone who’s done many things in one lifetime, this is amusing to say the least. For instance, I went to my first Dodgers game over Memorial Day Weekend. I also adopted my first pet from the pound, a Chihuahua, two days ago. How I managed to [...]

My Travels with Stan & Co. – Part Two

by Alec Silverman

  As we exited g727 into the throng who were milling about the doors of the three nearly adjacent galleries, Stan and Ana passed out their handbills, prompting many short conversations. This slowed our entrance into the neighboring Infusion Gallery. At each gallery, the three of us lit out on our own: Stan to talk [...]

Ten Years of Dark Humor: A Retrospective of the First Decade of the New Century

by Wylie VanWenger

We are approaching the half-way point of the last year of the decade.  Sort of.  Officially the last year of this decade is 2010.  That’s if you’re following the rules.  If you’re going by the book then the first year of this decade/century/millennium was not 2000, but 2001.  After all the Julian calendar didn’t start [...]

Movie Review: UP — Good

by Debbie Lynn Elias

Well, let’s just say it right now – UP IS THE BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR.  Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, just hand over that Oscar gold now. 78 year old Carl Frederickson has always had his head in the clouds.  A balloon salesman for his adult life, since a small boy, he [...]

Lakers Go Fourth to Victory

by Michael Chavez

Game Five of the Western Conference Finals was a tight and entertaining contest up until the fourth quarter. There, the game grew disappointing and left me with a bad taste. That is saying a lot considering last night’s dinner, Panda Express.   I am already anticipating Game Six and hope that it brings the series [...]

Halting the Gay Marriage March: The California Supreme Court and Proposition 8

by Benjamin Brody

It has been a rough past few weeks for gays – especially those from California. First, their representative to the Miss USA Beauty Pageant, Miss California Carrie Prejean, disavowed her support of gay marriage on national television (introducing into the lexicon the weird term “opposite” marriage).  Immediately following her loss to Miss North Carolina, the [...]

My Travels with Stan & Co. – Part One

by Alec Silverman

Foreword by Stan Lerner: part of the mission of downtownster is to bring a level of writing and information to our readers that they simply and unfortunately are not able to get elsewhere. Alec, is a second generation  great writer from the Silverman family, whom I can always count on to fulfill this part of [...]


by Rabbi Daniel Lapen

NEXT Although it is finally my turn I feel no delight when, without even glancing up, the post office clerk yells out “Next!”  I understand that she has experienced a tiring day; maybe even a frustrating one but her strident summons dehumanizes me.  I feel as if my identity has been stripped away and I [...]

Helena Gullstrom and The Loft

by Brieanna Radford

and Shannon Logan Foreword by Stan Lerner: when I received an email from Jennifer, that would be Helena’s publicist, I was impressed by what I saw—a picture of Helena. Being me, I called this Jennifer publicist and arranged to meet her and Helena at Helena’s loft wonderland. Jennifer turned out to be a nice counterpart [...]