Hello Wine Lovers!

Hello wine lovers tonight we are in for a special treat, Champagne for Mothers Day will be served tonight from 5pm to 8pm Monday the 4th of May compliments of Pierre Jouet.   Champagne is a region of France about 60 miles to the north of Paris.  Cooler climate dominates this area in the winter months sending most vines into a deep dormant sleep.   In the growing season temperatures are warm to moderate and are influenced by the cold north winds of the English Channel.  Three major grape varietals are grown here to make sparkling wine called Champagne. Continue reading Hello Wine Lovers!

“ABCENTS” The Adventures of Betty Booze VOL.4

Standing in line for the quarter machine at the lavanderia (that’s a Laundromat, for those of you who don’t live in Los Angeles) I thought for a split second, “am I really doing this?” and before I could ponder anymore, it was my turn. I started injecting bills into the machine, and it sh*t quarters into the tiny tin cup. Once I was done filling my Crown Royale bag with fifty dollars worth of quarters, I left.

I walked through the jungle of dirty looks given to me from those in there that were ACTUALLY doing laundry, Continue reading “ABCENTS” The Adventures of Betty Booze VOL.4