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There’s just some places you should give your business to and blu la café is one of them. After a terrible few minutes at Gen Art BoxEight’s unimportant, scam fashion show I headed over to the little place next to Cole’s to see what it was about. That’s right, if you didn’t know there’s a new little café next to Mr. Moses’ super sandwich shop and hopping bar.

No, blu la café is not a threat to other restaurants in the neighborhood. The owners, a graphic artist and an actor who just wanted a place to eat and more importantly wanted to do something for the community HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING and that’s okay. It’s a nice little place—the service is slow, not bad, but slow so, no need to be in a rush. The food? I had the salmon panini for dinner, it was quite good for a café, I recommend it. For breakfast I tried the Florentine Omelet—not great and my pancakes were rubbery. But here’s the saving grace, they make one hell of a cappuccino, way better than Starbucks, I had two of them.

            I was chatting with Jacob, the partner who’s there the most, and couldn’t help but be charmed by the warmth he brings to his café. He bought breakfast and our parent company’s investors, to whom I keep promising a spin off of downtownster to, appreciate the gesture I assure you. I’m still trying to think up a justification for the bills I ran up for my upcoming Downtown Oliver Brown adventure—that’s right he’s coming back in a big bad way next week. Anyway, Jacob’s from the South and the menu reflects this to some degree. Perhaps the best part of the story is that in their search for a location they encountered nothing but landlords who didn’t want to give two completely inexperienced operators a good location—Pacific Electric was no exception.

            Originally the little back corner that blu la café got shoved / leased into was a back corner of cold storage space. Jacob admits to wanting to cry, but his partner assured him that there were some possibilities. Now we all know he meant creating a nice design. But as the soul of the world would have it, the possibilities turned out to be keeping long hours 7:00am-2:00am on Friday and Saturday nights and 7:00am-11:00pm Monday-Thursday and being next to arguably the hottest restaurant (Cole’s) and bar (The Association) in the area. So after some serious drinking at The Association or Coles a little breakfast at blu la café is a pretty good idea. Also, I should mention that blu la cafe has a surprisingly good wine list, not large, but good.

            So, here’s looking out for the little guy, let’s give them our business. Actually the community already is. On both occasions that I dined at blu la café I met some really cool people including Rick Taub one of Downtown’s more note worthy musicians. I could have done much more on their food but this place is about the vibe and the community. The owners live Downtown, so does the always working Hilda, who I might have a little crush on, and frankly it’s just a nice place to take a break from life ten feet away from the concrete madness.

            blu la café is located at 126 E. 6th Street, LA, 90014

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