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Hello wine lovers, another night approaches of good wines.  The last few days were filled with Irish beers; well just for a break we are trying Riesling Wines. 

 Germany and Alsace region style wines offer a unique profile of sweetness and acidity.  Rieslings are cold climate wines grown on traditionally steep inclines of the Rhine River in Germany.  Also grown in colder climates in the United States in such areas as Grand Traverse in Michigan and in Washington State along the Columbia Valley .  This would be on the eastern side of the Cascade mountain ranges.  The profile of flavor in the wine will range greatly from where the grapes are grown.  Traditionally German Riesling grapes are grown around Mosel, Phaltz Saar Ruwr and Rhine regions.  These regions produce highly acidic wines with an abundance of balanced sugars resulting in highly complex characters in the wines.  Many Rieslings from these regions give off a nose and taste of  Petroleum  oil, which I personally find offensive and  undrinkable.  To my own dismay this petroleum quality is actually a character sought after in some wines.  North Michigan regions of the Grand Traverse city grow delightful Riesling grapes with balanced sugar to acid and produce a dry style wine, which is excellent with fish and Turkey.  One of my favorites to drink from this area is the late harvest  Riesling.  Full of honey and sweet fruit notes, the wine is wonderful with assorted cheese.  Late harvests wines are allowed to stay on the vine a little longer to absorb the benefits of longer hang time and a certain ripeness and texture to the `fermenting grape. 

 Dry Rieslings can be a wonderful  compliment to any holiday meat  weather you serve it  with your Turkey dinner or after as a dessert with fresh  fruit tarts.  It seems the longer the name in German wines the  sweeter they become.  Trockenberaunauslese wines are super expensive and super sweet.  As are regular Baron Auslese and Spatlese style  wines.  I the past tastings I have tried to bring them to the store, but was told that all were sold to  an allocated source. This will be a nice little departure from Irish beers   for one night and then we shall be back to it on ST Patrick’s Day for Beer again.  Until then  hope all is well and see you’re thirsty selves on Monday evening 5:00-8:00 at the store .   Cheers, 

Mike Berger

Ralph’s Wine Guy

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  1. Wow! Who knew the Rieslings from Michigan could be so good?! Not me, but I do now. I loved both of the Chateau Grand Traverse offerings – Both the dry and the late harvest samples. Very nice! The cheese selection as usual was great too.

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