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My apologies for being M.I.A as of late. I’ve been recovering from a classic case of foot-in-mouth syndrome.  NBA Playoffs – Where Admitting You’re Wrong Happens.

The Lakers haven’t let me down. They lead the Jazz 2-1 after three games. And their only loss? Oh, that came care of the sensational Derron Williams. He is the future of that franchise and if the Lakers don’t pay better attention, he might do it again tomorrow in Salt Lake. Might. My guess is the Lakes will be more reverent and soon enough, be giving the Jazz their regards. But, cheers to you Jerry Sloan for making this series a little interesting.

Denver’s on pace to take the series from Chris Paul and company. There’s no surprise there. Chauncey Billups’s favorite warm-up song is “Rocky Mountain High.”  However, I am a little irked that Mark Cuban has somehow lit a fire under his franchise. Dallas leads San Antonio 2-1 and has a chance to take a 3-1 edge today. I bet San Antonio has accrued a large budgetary deficit from sending Manu Ginobli so many Get Well Soon cards. 

Houston seems to be filling the gaps and exploiting the youth of the Trailblazers. They lead Portland 2-1 after a strong finish yesterday. Damn. I wanted to see Brandon Roy at Staples.

There have been a few surprises on the Eastern side of things. I had Orlando making it to the NBA Finals. Insert other foot here. Orlando is struggling against Iqoudala and the 76ers’ “76 ways to beat you” mentality. I told you these guys could be a problem. I just thought Dwight Howard and company could step up to the challenge. We shall see… Save some for the rest of us, Iggy. There is a lot of basketball left.

Cleveland is being properly led; their King James is deserving of his crown in every way. I almost lost it when Lebron hit a last second half-court shot to tear open a huge half-time lead in Game One. That served as an omen to the overall series. Bankshot off the glass. Stand proud your Highness. But, prepare yourself for an invasion. It looks like you will be facing number 24 in the Battle Royale.

Oh D-Wade, how you know what it takes to entertain. Now get it together and finish things the right way. And tell Ray Allen to get his boys to stick together and get past these late injuries. I want to see you both in the second round. Miami brings it home today against the Hawks. The series stands at 1-1. The hobbling Celtics lead the scrappy Bulls 2-1.

Bored with watching the Lakers or NBA Playoffs? Go look yourself in the mirror and shake your head in shame. Who are you? Now relax. It’s alright. Just dedicate your energy elsewhere and start rooting for the Dodgers. They’re pretty good, folks.

The Dodgers sit at 12-5, have won eight of their last ten and are 6-0 at home. They look to improve this record and increase their 1.5 game lead over San Diego, tonight at Colorado.

The team knows they’re that good too. In fact, the team website is already promoting All-Star voting to their fans. And yes, you can feel good about voting for Manny Ramirez. He’s batting .356 and already has 16 walks after 17 games. Stop avoiding the issue you cowards! Pitch to Manny. Perhaps Manny’s teammate Chad Billingsley is willing to give the rest of you some pointers.

Billingsley is 4-0 with a 2.05 ERA after 26.1 innings. His support group isn’t that bad either. Jonathon Broxton is off to a sharp start – or save for that matter. He’s pitched in 8 games, has six saves and a .960 ERA. Keep it up Jonathon. Show them how you do it in the Brox. Wordplay!

Baseball not satisfying your competitive thirst? Don’t worry about it. The NFL Draft kicks off today, the NFL is just a few months away and your USC favorites will be playing on Sunday sooner than you think. Good luck to USC greats Mark Sanchez, Brian Cushing, Rey Malaluaga, Clay Matthews and any other former Trojans that I might be forgetting. May all of your biggest football dreams come true.

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  1. Note: This blog was written on my trip back to LA from SD. No, I was not driving, don’t worry. So, the records are a bit outdated. More to come about all of this postseason craziness. Lots of upsets looming.

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