So leave it to the LA Times to not mention that there is a Downtown Art Walk tonight. They did however mention that there is a Venice Art Walk this weekend and that it is the Granddaddy of Art Walks – but for the fact that it is not even half the size of the Downtown Art Walk. Anyway just a reminder to attend Art Walk tonight and remember that it’s about art and culture – so don’t behave like it’s a frat party. Also, even if times are tough think about buying some art and supporting your local artists and galleries. Maybe even pool some money with some friends – I call this art sharing it’s a nice thing to do—to buy a piece.

When you’re done walking around, join me and some of the downtownster bloggers at the MusicUnion Art Walk After Party, which is being held at Club 740 (753 South Spring Street). MusicUnion is a sponsor of and it’s founder Barrett Morris is a good friend of mine who really knows how to throw a party – and Art Walk has been needing a great after party for a longtime so help make this happen IT’S OUR COMMUNITY.

Okay, enough said I’ll see you all there! And be safe  

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