One of the great things about being the editor of downtownster is that a number of really interesting people, places, events, ideas and so on come across my desk. By across my desk, in the year 2009, I mean across my computer or bumping into me over coffee. And although I can’t give everything the attention I would like to, there are times when I can—like NOW. One such character with an idea and a place to do it; is a tall, relaxed, young visionary name Barrett Morse, who is the force behind MusicUnion.

 Barrett, like myself, is a veteran of Downtown—meaning he moved here before the rest of the world knew how cool it was to live in a place where there is more to talk about than the new Yoga Class schedule. Sorry Santa Monica, you’re nice for a visit. As the Downtown community continues to grow and congeal I run into movers and shakers like Barrett more often than in years past. Because, like me, he appreciates a good drink I particularly like running into Barrett at Must or Doheny. So, when a press release landed in my inbox announcing that MusicUnion was doing an Art Walk After Party – I thought it worthy of a post.

And no, it wasn’t news to me because there’s an ad on the downtownster’ leaderboard promoting the event, but an ad can only say so much. I’ve been to one of Barrett’s events in the past (it was a great event) and downtowster writer Shannon Logan covered a MusicUnion mixer just last week, which she enjoyed thoroughly, so I decided it post worthy because I think downtownster readers will really enjoy a MusicUnion event. THE DETAILS ARE AS FOLLOWS:

MusicUnion Presents THURSDAY! THE Art Walk After-Party & Concert at the Globe Theater, May 14

LOS ANGELES — MusicUnion continues to revolutionize music and offers artists the chance to be heard with the launch of MusicUnion Presents THURSDAY! THE Art Walk After-Party & Concert featuring a combination of live Indie rock and cutting edge DJ’s, May 14 at the Globe Theater.  The event will be the kick-off for the Art Walk After-Party & Concert series. MusicUnion will provide a place for the Downtown community to come together and discover amazing talent after the Art Walk, each second Thursday of the month. The night will showcase independent artists with progressive and high-energy sounds for what promises to be an incredible evening of live music.  Doors are scheduled to open at 8:30 p.m. 

MusicUnion Presents THURSDAY! THE Art Walk After-Party & Concert will feature an intoxicating mix of live rock, dance & electronic.  Artists include Living Things, Posso, Royal Rumble, Keenhouse, The Library and more.

Tickets are $12.50 in advance and on sale now available via TicketWeb at, $15 at the door. Must be 21 years of age or older to attend. A portion of the door proceeds and MusicUnion merchandise sales will go to benefit the Downtown Women’s Center, which provides permanent housing and a supportive community to homeless women. The event will also highlight Educate Project, an organization dedicated to providing financial education to artists and musicians, and The Tiziano Project, a global NGO fostering citizen journalism in conflict zones across the world.

 The Globe Theater (Club 740) is located at 753 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014, entrance on the corner of 8th and Spring Street. The breathtaking venue features state-of-art audio and lightening system making it the perfect unique space for the Art Walk After-Party & Concert series.  For more information on MusicUnion Presents THURSDAY! THE Art Walk After-Party & Concert, please visit

About MusicUnion

MusicUnion is a collective of cross-industry professionals dedicated to helping music evolve and thrive in an ever changing industry. Through media, journalism, events, and consulting MusicUnion fosters vibrant music cultures throughout the world. MusicUnion exists to rethink and rebuild the product of music. It works locally and digitally to build cultures unique to fans, artists, and locations. 

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