Last night I proudly attended the first ever MusicUnion Mixer for fans, musicians, writers, and industry members, held at my trusty downtown hangout spot the Must. I can honestly say I only have one real regret from the evening’s activities.

At some point that night I remarked, with much swagger, that I’d order the Colt 45 from the Must menu. When the bottle arrived at my table a few minutes later, wrapped in a branded Must brown paper bag, accompanied by two champagne glasses, I knew that someone had called my bluff.

The bluff caller was host of the Mixer and MusicUnion founder Barrett Morse. He grinned and waved as he passed my table. I had half a glass of the stuff before I gave in, and ordered a glass of water. Thankfully there were plenty of people around to help me finish the forty. In fact a constant stream of industry professionals had been sitting at my table all night.

Unlike other mixers I’ve been to, people were actually mixing.

When I got to the event around 9pm it was already well attended and pleasantly buzzing with energy. DJ Andrea Campos was in place behind her turntables at the door. Thankfully Barrett and the lovely Lilian steered me around to each table for initial introductions right away. I slapped on a nametag, signed the book, and pinned on a MusicUnion button and I was ready to go. I was living my music!

The first person to strike up a conversation with me was Jacquie, a keyboard player for an electro punk band. After that, Richard Schave, of Los Angeles tour bus infamy, and his family wandered over to share some banana bread pudding with me. Next it was Chase, a country and rock musician, and Tamara who produces children’s music.

I honestly didn’t have to move from my spot at the center booth the whole night, and when I finally did, I immediately stumbled on a music video producer and a local social entrepreneur. By the time the event wound down and we made our way to an anonymous live music venue to finish up the night, my notebook was stuffed full of business cards, CD’s, flyers, and stickers.

This was a mixer well worth making the effort to attend. Everyone was legitimate, talented, and ready to collaborate. So if you fit that description I had better see you at the next mixer, which is on the first Thursday of every month, 8-11pm at the Must.

Come say hi. I’ll be the one with the notebook, choking down the malt beverage in the corner.

For more info about upcoming events, such as the ArtWalk after party and concert at the Globe theater this month, please check out







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