Pacific Boys in Blue – Mario Lopez Visits Dodger Stadium

When I first began this blog, I communicated the range of emotions I was enduring. I was befuddled and bewildered by the state of sports in Los Angeles. Reenter complexity of emotions.

I’m impressed by the Rockets’ ability to push the top-seeded Lakers to Game Seven. I’m also nervous and at the same time, embracing myself for an Aaron Brooks – Chauncey Billups matchup. The Rockets have been inconsistent but have the heart to propel themselves to Denver for the Western Conference Finals.

My heart is heavy for Manny, who has finally apologized to his Dodger counterparts. Manny met the team in South Florida before the first of a three game series with the Marlins. It appears my suspicions that Manny left to the Dominican were incorrect. Of course, the Republic isn’t that far. I wonder if Manny owns a pontoon plane. A pontoon boat?

I’m shaky and struggle to remain optimistic for the boys in blue. The poor fellas recently went from amazing to good. And although it appears that Manny has made amends and continues to support the team, it still begs the question. As per his punishment, Manny will not be at the ballpark this weekend.

I’m oddly excited for Mario Lopez to throw the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium on Monday night.

Yes, that Mario Lopez. The “Kids Incorporated” phenom. A.C. Slater from “Saved by the Bell.” Dr. Christian Ramirez from “The Bold and the Beautiful”.  Officer Bobby Cruz from “Pacific Blue.” The guy from “Dancing with the Stars”, host of “Miss Teen USA”, “Miss America”, and “Miss Universe.” Okay, you get the point. And please note that the only reason I know anything about Mario’s filmography is for the completion of this blog. Alright. Alright. I loved “Kids Incorporated.”

However, above all, I remain optimistic.

Rejoice, Los Angeles. Kobe still has the skill and opportunity to rise above a poor shooting performance in Game Six and send the Rockets packing. Consider the series at 0-0, it’s due or die. Manny will be back, and his recent apology will bring all of us (save the media) some closure. It’s likely the Dodgers supporting cast will increase the division lead, build upon their league best winning percentage and extend their current winning streak.

Can you breathe a little easier knowing the Dodgers bats remain effective and their pitching is doing enough to cash a few wins?


Well, perhaps thoughts of Slater lobbing a 65-mile-an-hour fastball across home plate will help you find peace.


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