poem in LA

in those streets, amid the honking

and blaring, shouts and cries

            a butterfly

attracted by the yellow

lane lines

thinks there is sustenance,

it floats


like an autumn leave

ignoring traffic noise

the homeless woman who mutters

and raises a fist


            with it’s sole purpose

it’s singular attraction

the monarch

flutters between zooming cars

oblivious to danger

until it is close enough

to realize

this yellow is no flower

            no matter, rising

it looks for a resting

place, lands on the woman’s



and she is silenced, though

lips move

a prayer

of gratitude.

9 thoughts on “poem in LA”

  1. This poem by Laurie Zupan is mesmerizing in its imagery and haunting. I take something away with me of this and I thank you for that. What a wonderful poetry blog!

  2. Beautifully crafted. Laurie Zupan style and class at its best. Draws you in and captures you.

  3. I loved the image this poem created for me and the reminder to observe the fleeting bits of beauty amid the chaos. Thanks Laurie

  4. I liked this poem very much. The contrast between the ethereal butterfly and the gritty downtown was very skillfully evoked. Do you have more from this poet? I couldn’t find any of her other work in the archives.

  5. I have seen you on those streets
    Once I lit upon your shoulder
    I’ve since fluttered to another place
    one day softly to return

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