Hello Wine Lovers

Hello Wine and Sake lovers.  Tonight June 5, 2009 at 5pm to 8pm I will be serving Sushi and Sake for a fun Friday night. Friday is a great night to start your evening festivities at Ralphs with a little Sushi and Sake then head out to your favorite places in town o get your party on.  Sake is an alcohol product distilled from the rice grain. Originating in Japan and slowly making its way around the world Sake is consumed so often that one in three drinks consumed is  a sake-based product. Many bars and sushi houses are serving Sake-tini drinks a mild concoction of a dry to sweet sake and a mix or several mixes shaken and served in a Martini glass. My friend Debbie in Manhattan Beach spent many years as a bartender during her training  with me she  showed me the way around the sake- tini business.  Using fresh ginger and puree of fruit nectars and a little simple sugar she created a few tasty drinks I  am sure if you go to a fine sushi house the bartender will have some recipe with a sake based option. 

To drink warm sake or cold sake is up to the individual.  Preference for me is always cold sake, so tonight it will be cold—the Sake that is.   Cheers !

Mike Berger The Wine Guy

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