Dr. George Tiller was attending church in Wichita Kansas when a lone gunman walked in and shot him once, a single bullet, bringing a violent and sudden death to one of the great mass murderers of our time. Warning: if you are a person that believes in the right to choose, or more simply put, that abortion is the innocuous evacuation of random uterine tissue—this post might not be for you. I’ll say this as plainly as I can. I am not a religious man. But I believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is the taking of an innocent life—the worst type of premeditated murder.

All of the world’s major religions agree that abortion is the taking of life and should not be practiced, except in the case of saving the mother’s life, and abortion was not practiced without major restriction in the United States until Jan 1973. At this point it would be urbane to launch into a major dissertation on Roe v. Wade, but I’ll spare my dear readers the girth of judicial malpractice arguments made by much wiser men than I—including Justice Rehnquist.

Suffice it to say that most of the great legal minds of today believe that Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that made abortion legal in all states, was a bad and severely flawed decision. If there are those among you who wish to comment on how the Ninth Amendment right to privacy translates to the right to commit murder in a case in which a plaintiff in her third trimester sued for rights she believed women in general are due in their first trimester—please do. I’ll be happy to respond.

So, the reality of legalized murder is what our country has had to exist with for the past 36-years. Again, it would be urbane to discuss the decline of our society from 1973 to date, but the facts of this are self-evident beyond any need for description. Not to say that there were no social ills prior to this benchmark, but they were not of the insidious nature of the ills of today. However, I digress. The discussion I would like to have, if only with myself, is how I feel about the murder of the murderer Dr. George Tiller.

George Tiller killed 60,000 babies during the course of his abortion spree and made a million dollars a year doing it. He was one of three doctors in America that would kill a baby in the third trimester. I’ve heard him in his own words say that he had the right to do this. “I have a right to make a living,” were his exact words. He went on to say what he was doing was legal. Right.

I believe in the rule of law. I believe that it is through legal means that unjust laws should be changed. In the past I chose to break laws I considered unjust—I don’t do this anymore. And yet because an unjust law has cost the lives of so many millions of our fellow Americans I can’t help, but to feel some relief that a man who has profited so much from legally sanctioned murder is dead.

There I said it. I don’t believe in committing murder, but I think I’m glad that George Tiller The Baby Killer has been murdered. Not out of a sense of justice—ABSOLUTELY NOT. But out of a sense of hope that many thousands of lives will be saved.

It’s a sad day for America. Yes, because one murderer has killed a mass murderer. But even more so because a flawed court decision will allow another million babies to be murdered this year. That will make it FIFTY MILLION BABIES MURDERED SINCE 1973 it’s a sad day for America indeed.    


  1. This is one of the worst pieces of pseudo-journalism I have ever read, heard or seen (and yes I have seen Fox News). Somehow you believe that a murder of a grown, conscious human is justified because of acts they have performed that are in fact legal. Despite what you think of these acts, this is absolutely wrong. Furthermore you proceed to make some glancing remark regarding the decline of society since 1973 as though that is somehow caused by Roe v. Wade. Are you high? Society is indeed messed up, but to trace it to one supreme court decision is total lunacy. Also, I love that people such as yourself try to talk about a declining American society as though there were “the good ole days”. Oh those must have been the days when women couldn’t vote, or blacks feared for their lives, or gays couldn’t even think of coming out of the closet for fear of violence or being shunned. Give me a break.

    This “article” is a pathetic attempt at pontificating about why, for some reason, a murder is justified because you disagree with the legal way in which someone was leading his life. I agree that third trimester abortions should be banned (except in cases in which there is undeniable danger to the mother’s life). However, you somehow think that the fact that this man has been killed will save lives. You can’t be serious. It’s not as though these women were getting these abortions because Tiller was there. They were going to him because they wanted the abortions, not the other way around. I think you need to seriously reexamine how you value the life of your fellow person.

  2. Dear John, my blog came with a clear warning that people like yourself, ideologues, would not like it. But since you took the time to leave such a ridiculous comment, I’ll take the time to respond. First, I am a well known award winning writer who has no need to endeavor in the field of pseudo journalism—of course it is standard practice by your ilk to try and discredit anyone who disagrees with whatever uninformed irrational idea you have bouncing around in your head. Interesting that you don’t comment using your full name. How many abortion decisions have you played a part in—I’m guessing a few. Anyway, the answer is yes, I believe that it is worse to kill an innocent baby inside its’ mother’s womb than to kill a man that has been making millions of dollars killing babies–most in the third trimester.
    As for the legality of abortion, I was also quite clear that I believe, as do many others, Roe v. Wade to be a flawed decision. If you take the time to study Roe v. Wade you will see that Justice Rehnquist, who went on to be Chief Justice believed Roe v. Wade to be a bad decision—he wrote the dissenting opinion, you should read it.
    The remark about the decline of our society is upsetting to you because I stated the fact that it seems to coincide with Roe v. Wade. This is a fact; you can make of it what you will. But I’m not high and I did state clearly that there have always been social ills.
    As for your crazy montage about the good old days, women had the right to vote in 1973, Arthur Ashe, an African American, had already won the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, and the French Open. Ali had been the Heavy Weight Champ long before 1973. And Thurgood Marshall sat on the Supreme Court—that would be the same Thurgood Marshall who won Brown v. Board of Education as a lawyer in 1954. Finally, believe it or not, there were openly gay people in 1973, but unlike today, the world did not revolve around sex, so most people chose to keep their preferences to themselves. Everyone believed that Liberace was gay and yet he was still the highest paid performer in the world in 1973.
    And 60,000 times yes. The murder of George Tiller may save thousands of lives. As stated in my post he was one of only three doctors in America that would perform third trimester abortions—almost three hundred of them in 2008. His office was literally a baby-killing factory. Seriously, think about 60,000 thousand babies dead by this man’s hands.
    You say what about the women? They went to him. He didn’t go to them. And as I pointed out, fifty million dead babies since 1973 can only be called a sad day in America.

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