There is never an end to the building of a country. The United States has been and always should be under construction. And all should know it to be true that good construction requires a solid foundation.

Subsequent to the September 11th 2001 terrorist attack on the United States there was great need for building, but most Americans understood that the attack itself revealed tremendous flaws in the foundation of our country. Now, eight years later, the President and his top advisors are trying to decide what the objective and course of action of the United States should be with respect to the war in Afghanistan. So much of what afflicts this great country can be directly traced to this particular disrepair of its foundation, that it is incumbent on all Americans to achieve clarity as to what our national course of action must be.

In recent history Afghanistan has been known to the United States as a failed state. During the 1990’s an Islamic fundamentalist government, the Taliban, was allowed to gain power. This government once in power gave refuge to the terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda—headed by Osama bin Laden. This history is well known to most and it should be easily concluded that this threat to our country would have, best, been dealt with at its inception. But because it was allowed to crest into what became known as 9/11 an entirely different course of compulsory action became required—and remains so until this very day. 

The removal of the Taliban and the disruption / destruction of Al-Qaeda, the stated goals of the Bush administration and the restated goals of the Obama administration, was not, is not, and never will be the solution to the threat the United States and other liberal democracy’s face from Islamic terrorism. The only way to end the threat is to UTTERLY DESTROY not only the enemy combatant of today, but their entire way of life, so that there will not be an enemy combatant of tomorrow. And make no mistake about it; we have done this before. President Lincoln ordered General Sherman not just to destroy the Southern Army, he ordered the destruction of the South and the Southern way of life—Sherman literally burnt the South to the ground. President Roosevelt and his successor President Truman gave neither Germany nor Japan the opportunity for anything other than UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER. And this was only achieved in both cases after the entire force of American military power was brought to bear on these heinous enemies of humanity.

The reason that President Obama suffers the quandary of Afghanistan is not of any kind of mystery to even the most slightly informed—eight years have passed and the enemies of the United States have yet to feel anything close to the full force of American military power. A few days after the attack of September 11th several people inquired as to my thoughts on an appropriate response. I shared my belief, then, that the size of the United States military would at a minimum need to be doubled and realistically should be thrice its peacetime size. I was definitive that the force, which needed to be sent to completely eliminate the threat in Afghanistan, was a force numbering one million soldiers with no less than three hundred thousand combat troops. I was also definitive that once the leadership of Al-Qaeda was tracked to a small enough geographical region the use of tactical nuclear weapons should be an option. ONE MILLION SOLDIERS AND EVERY WEAPON IN THE ARSENAL, I said this then and I repeat this now.

When our enemy comes into the possession of a nuclear devise they will bring it to Washington DC and detonate it. If they come to possess two nuclear devices they will bring a bomb to New York and detonate it as well. If left alive, they will achieve their goals and American’s will wake up one morning, as we did on September 11th and we will get the news that one or more of our cities has been destroyed and millions of our fellow brothers and sister have been annihilated—THIS WILL HAPPEN if we fail to act.

There will be those who might question my prescription. “The Russians tried to occupy Afghanistan and couldn’t bring the country under their control,” they will say. Whether it is agenda or ignorance that drives this thought I do not profess to know, but the fact is this: the Soviet Union with a badly equipped force of one hundred thousand soldiers took almost complete control of Afghanistan and would have gained complete control if it had not been for an enormous effort by the United States. The effort, for those who are not well versed in this chapter of American history, was the supplying of billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons to the anti Soviet forces—all of this orchestrated by President Carter and his National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. And it should be noted that it is this same anti Soviet force created by President Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, which now threatens the existence of the United States—strangely both men continue to weigh in on national affairs and foreign policy.

The job of the President and the government of the United States is, above all other matters, to protect the people of the United States of America—THAT’S IT. There is no point of building an economy as a nation or life as a citizen in a place, which at the choosing of an enemy a world away can be obliterated. Everything we would like to achieve as a nation and as individuals is both reliant and contingent on a foundation of peaceful unmolested existence—and the expected continuum thereof. The roots of insidious doubt, intentionally planted by our enemies on 9/11, are the same roots that touch so much of the shortsighted, greedy, self-absorption that has caused more damage to the United States than the attack itself. Post September 11th the United States transformed into a country akin to a man who has been told he has a 50 / 50 chance of dying every minute of the day—not figuratively, literally. And so the soul of this country is plagued, rather than spirited by talk of the future.

The only cure for what ails the soul of America is the overwhelming defeat of its enemies. And the rebuilding of what they have destroyed—bigger and better. This should have been accomplished many years ago, but the failures of the past must not be the excuse for failure in the future—the mission not accomplished must be still be accomplished. Economic prosperity, healthcare and education are all very worthwhile concerns, but there is unfinished, and far more serious, business that needs to be brought to a final and definitive conclusion—FIRST. And upon this conclusion, as it has in the past, this country will return to its greatness. THEN AND ONLY THEN.

7 thoughts on “AFGHANISTAN ALL IN”

  1. My bad, there’s your name at the top. Yeah… I remember a Peace Rally vid I did up on sunset just after moving here early ’03 Stan and wow, was like a time warp (3 trillion dollars later (and I know in depth the internal stories from two soldiers on the REAL), Bush leaving office, NO weapons of mass destruction, NO comment on 9/11 (perrrfect timing for Bush that was eh?) anyway God, Abortion, Politics etc will Never alter each others Convenient Reality (yes, my lyric from a ’97 song of ours) blah blah… Much Luv brother and hey, makes the World go round

  2. South Park without Sterling Williams? Where have you gone oh great one?? And although I love talking about clothes n fashion — there’s a big old world out there!!!

  3. Amen Brother – but don’t forget we have to deal with those pinko-fascist terrorists in Indonesia, Philippines, Somalia, Malaysia, Southern Thailand, and the Basque region. If we let even one of these groups standing our future will be fraught with fear.

    Or, instead of dusting off our nuclear arsenal, we could engage and enfranchise. An enemy with nothing to lose is a fearsome foe.

  4. Yes, a World for better n for worse in All It’s
    magnificence I’ve longed to see since music days…alas (ha),
    Work as All Ways in the Biz is all consuming… But Alas, on the horizon, perhaps in just a fort night there come a Light! Uh, ok my man, ha will give that up… Tired n will see You Brother sometime in the near amazing future, and per chance…
    luv, respect, appreciation, and Reason holmes,

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