Several months ago I wrote in a downtownster blog that Iran was seeking to develop nuclear weapons – unequivocally. I went on to say that sanctions would not cause the Iranian government to halt their development of a nuclear weapon. I did not mention the not so well kept secret of the uranium enrichment facility built into a mountain, in the middle of a military base, near the city of Qom…I thought it prudent to leave that to our elected officials who are entrusted with the safety of our country, but I certainly did suggest the possibility. And because we begin with some necessary reflection I must also reiterate that the only way to put an end to the Iranian nuclear weapons program is through decisive military action.

My regular readers, no doubt, still pondering my recent call for a force of one million soldiers to be deployed to Afghanistan, might think a second military action in the region over reaching—it’s not. Iran will require a massive air assault aimed at destroying all of its nuclear facilities and a ground invasion that should first secure Iranian oil assets and second destroy the Islamist government infrastructure that aids and abets global terrorism. As a punitive action for flagrantly disregarding international law the Iranian naval fleet should be additionally targeted and destroyed completely. This is the only course of action that can be taken, given Iran’s outright treachery.

Previously I’ve described the scene America will awake to when a nuclear weapon is detonated in one or more of our cities –Washington and New York are the targets. The weapons, which will be delivered through a terrorist network will come from one of the following: North Korea, Pakistan, the former Soviet Union, or if it is allowed to continue, Iran. But make no mistake; Iran is exponentially more likely to supply such a weapon, because Iran’s leaders are compelled by ideology and the other’s are not. Literally, Iran’s leaders are not afraid to bring about the destruction of their own country as long as they have destroyed America in the process.

So it can thus be surmised that Iran is a greater threat to America than it is to Israel, but this is an issue of extreme complexity. Mahmoud Ahmajinedad continually baits Israel by denying the Holocaust and making provocative statements to the effect that Israel should be wiped off of the map. This is an intentional deception to mislead the United States and the other Western powers into thinking that they are not the primary targets of Iranian nuclear ambition. Iranians are not Arabs and have no substantial quarrel with the Jewish state. It was in fact the Persian Emperor Cyrus who ended the first exile of the Jewish people and it should be noted that Zoroastrianism was practiced during the time of Cyrus who was heavily influenced by Jewish thought and lineage. Mahmoud Ahmajinedad describes himself as an academic—he is well versed in history and it can be assumed that all of the aforementioned and much more reside well within his intellectual grasp.

Because Iranian history is both long and intricate much has to be considered when understanding what type of leadership guides the country, the most dangerous of which is a leadership that traces itself to the pure Aryan roots of Iranian history—this is the case with Mr. Ahmajinedad. The most recent leader in modern history to identify with Aryan lineage was of course Germany’s Adolf Hitler—fifteen million human lives were lost by the time his ambitions were ended. Mahmoud Ahmajinedad knows that it was America that stood between Hitler and his vision for the world and it is still America that stands against such a vision—he will act accordingly, against America first.

And it should be America with England and France at its side that stands against the tyrannical ambitions of the enemies of freedom. It is a disgrace to the three traditional Western allies to rely on Israel to fight their fight. What country can stand against the military might of America and its allies, with a combined population of almost half a billion citizens? It is the greatest military alliance in the history of mankind that it is incumbent upon to put an end to the Iranian threat—not Israel, a nation of less than seven and half million people occupying a geographical area one fiftieth the size of the state of Texas.

Every lie that now emanates from the Iranian regime compounds the affront to America. Iran is a country that for too many years has been allowed to fight its wars via cowardly proxies given to terrorist groups. Thousands of American lives have been lost not to Iranian soldiers who have the courage to meet on the battlefield, but to improvised explosive devices that they make within the safety of their own borders and give to their surrogates who draw American blood by way of cell phone. Our most current government offered an olive branch and dialogue; the Iranians answered that they would cut off the hands of their enemies and demanded that we engage in a dialogue to prove our respect for their country.

Dear Mr. President, destroy this threat to our country and the world—the American people stand resolutely behind you and implore you to act. The portraits of Presidents, who had to bear this responsibility before you, surround you. To what lengths was our founding father George Washington willing to go to pry the yoke of a king from the neck of our people? To what enemy would Andrew Jackson yield a single inch? What compromise would have been acceptable to Lincoln? President Roosevelt knew what the end of fascism in Germany, Japan, and Italy must be. And President Truman did not falter in executing his predecessor’s plans. A young President Kennedy rejected Soviet missiles in Cuba. Old and wise President Reagan brought an end to the Evil Empire once known as the Soviet Union…All of this cost American lives and money, yet I know of no American that wishes to undo these deeds.

We can all look to our founding fathers and the great leaders of generations past for strength and guidance. They would not tolerate the insults, the lies, the treachery, the murders and ultimately the destruction of America, which the leadership of Iran has so completely dedicated itself to. The time for talking and diplomacy has past—it only gives our enemy a greater opportunity to pursue their plans.

Now is the time…

One thought on “IRAN”

  1. C’mon Stan,

    Aren’t you reassured by the news today that Iran has agreed to jettison enough of its Uranium supply…what Uranium supply, where, since when?….off to that ol’ Evil Empire and new trusted friend of ours, Mother Russia? So much so as to render themselves and/or Hezbellah, Al Queda, whomever their terrorist ‘guests’ may be under whatever identity, completely bereft, or ‘so they say,’ yes, of the capability to produce Nuclear weapons?

    (BTW, has a Mr. ‘Obama Bin Ladin’ checked into the Tehran Hilton yet for the occassion? Has the Bush/Cheney ‘miss you hope to see you soon’ committee left chocolates under his pillow and a fresh kidney dialysis bag hooked to their long-lost client’s bed?”)

    I dimly recall a moment back in U.S. history when a mere lack of nuclear weapons capability DID NOT prevent an alleged Iraqi-backed terrorist attack on U.S. soil, killing thousands of civilian Americans and terrorizing hundreds of thousands more into duck-taping their windows and forgoing dental appointments for weeks. …What? Where? When?

    While it is indeed admirable that you wish to protect the established watch-dog state of Israel from crumpling under the stress of serving the world from oily mid-east conflict since 1945…from 1945 to 2001, that is, HOW DO YOU, HOW DOES ANYONE KNOW WTF IS GOING ON OVER THERE, if not the PROUD NATION OF ISRAEL?

    Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. And I appreciate you allowing us to share ours. The only one I have is that Katie Couric should have lethally decked Ahmajinidad this A.M. on Good Morning America, the second he reached in his pocket (for that pic of an out-of-shador chick in Germany he didn’t order executed…mebbe)! There is plenty evidence for Couric to have copped a self-defense plea against that crazy-ass MFer. Oh, gawd, don’t tell me Ahmajindad is under contract as a ‘terrorist star’ with one of the networks?! Cuz, I just might believe it.

    I say, let’s host a talk show with Barbara Streisand and Bin Ladin and Ahmajinidad’s families and let’s all have terrorist hug therapy with Dr. Phil moderating? Now, Barbara, she wouldn’t let US or the (some) GOOD PEOPLE OF IRAN, down.

    I heard a rumor that China’s low on oil resources and if they could only get control of a major supply, why, couldn’t they run the world economy sensibly, without all this credit mess and terrorist threat? Maybe they really would take out they sulfites in the chow mein, in exchange. And let the Tibetans go?!

    In the meantime, my money’s on Israel!

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