I think I mentioned last week that I had a great dinner at Tao. What I didn’t mention was that on this one night little Vegas excursion with James Westbrook, Hollywood deal maker extraordinaire, that good old (he’s not actually old) Jessie Gibson plopped down and joined us for some vittles. Jessie “James” VIP Host as I call him is actually just that. Much like my little brother (we’re not actually brothers) Carlos “Pure” Harper, Jessie is a guy that can get you settled and all comfy with a bottle of the good stuff at Tao and or Prive. And for those not so familiar, two of the better clubs in Vegas. And so it went that Jessie and I resolved to go out and do some merry making—thus I returned to Sin City and Tao, but not before a couple of stops.

“Let’s meet at Don Vicente’s and smoke some cigars,” said Dave The Jew.

“Good idea,” said I, as I plowed down the 15 toward Sahara—completely blowing off a very important meeting with Steve Wynn. Okay, the meeting with Steve Wynn is a complete falsehood, but you have to admit the pretext makes for a funny story.

Anyway, check out my blog about Don Vicente’s Cigars—in fact I’ll repost it on Monday when I will be way too tired from the weekend to write anything. So I sat and smoked cigars, really good cigars, with the boys—Dave The Jew, Fat Andy and others. Andy and I have been friends since second grade; just to throw in an extraneous fact meant to cause an endearing feeling about long lasting friendships. At some point Jessie stopped by. He’s not a big smoker, but I lighted him up anyway and Dave The Jew insisted that he drink some good whiskey…And I did too.

Six cigars and half a bottle later I met up with Jessie “James” VIP Host and a friend of his from LA whose name I can’t remember, but I’m sure he knows everyone. At Dos Caminos, which is located in Palazzo…And last week I gave Palazzo a pretty good review. Strange that I had noticed Dos Caminos, but didn’t mention it because I hadn’t eaten there. Anyway, at Dos Caminos we chilled with Executive Chef Roberto Hernandez and ate an incredible assortment of food. Roberto is all of 28 and he’s been cooking since he’s 4-years-old or something. I’m not going to get into a review here, but seriously my new best friend knows how to make some guacamole and chips. Funny, but just a touch of lime really makes a difference apparently. This restaurant is a sleeper—it could easily be way hot one day.

Tao—Jessie “James” VIP Host whisked us through the line. Somehow a few of my mypace and facebook friends managed to join—five very hot young ladies and a huge Samoan named Puki—I think. We sat them at a table and made the rounds. By that I mean I walked around the club with Jessie stealthily observing as he made sure his clients were happy. Not a gargantuan task, given that his clients were sitting at bottle tables at one of Vegas’s hottest clubs. I slipped a little drink in at every stop, so by the time we met up with Jaimee “NapkinNights” Lee I was mildly inebriated. Jaimee / NapkinNights and I have some history—not of a carnal nature. See when I was producing the “Night Tribe Spectacle” at the Rio Hotel and Casino (2003) I gave their website full access, even though I had no idea what a napkin night was. The pics are still on the web!!!

Jaimee accompanied by Sandy “Hot GoGo Dancer” Nguyen and Danny, whom I haven’t named, yet, proved to be the icing on the cake. Tao is a great club and it was going off, with a surprising amount of talent for a Thursday night, but it always comes down to the people—and these three could make a Siberian Gulag bearable. I of course did everything I could to get Sandy to come home with me…Not really, but like the Steve Wynn scenario it would make a great story, she gives an incredible back rub, seriously her hands contain magic and that was at the bar with my clothes on. You see what I’m saying, good people having fun at a club, Vegas at its best.

Today’s adventure is already well underway. But let me just add this—I’LL BE AT PRIVE TONIGHT!!! If you’re around you might want to come along, Jessie “James” VIP Host has a table waiting for us!!!

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