Life began simple enough, a family, friends and just enough stuff. We’d spend summers at the beach, swim in the ocean, and building a sandcastle was a powerful notion.  I usually walked on the beach as the sunset in the sky, the wind of change bringing a tear to my eye.

At night I would pray for my friends, family and myself to be blessed in the Lord’s light, not much of a task for the creator’s might. Good health, long life, peace and prosperity for all of which I did pray, a small boy with much to the Lord to say. And my prayers the Lord did hear, I’m forever grateful my soul he brought near.

In the double digits girls and things I did become aware, both the cause of so much despair. It seemed that girls were attracted more to the surface than to the deep, I could not imagine then the depths I would creep. I sat on a roof and said aloud, I’ll give people what they want, a decision my whole life doth it haunt.

One day I drove home in my new fancy car and smiled as heads turned from afar. That’s right look at me I thought, and admire what I have, and what you have not. And the girls did beg for a ride, truly both good and evil rise with the tide.

As these early years passed on by, I’d lie in the grass and gaze up at the sky. I dreamed of being a man of great wealth, but not for my own account, no it was for the cause of good for which I would mount. I also dreamed of being a wordsmith, because the pen has more might than the sword and to this day of this dream I have never been bored.

I stood in the vast living room of my suite at The Plaza and declared to a girl that I was bigger than life; from heaven above these words bring great strife. I was an outlaw then, I had lost my way, hard to imagine being that man today. Now in America the law encompasses every moment and every action, an ugly scar on the face of freedom’s attraction.

A few more years passed on by and I once again looked up at the sky. I asked the Lord my maker for another chance, on the path of the righteous for my feet to advance. And make no mistake brothers, sisters, and friends; there are great trials and tribulations to making amends.

I’ve done much business now over the years, some to applause and some to jeers. My advice: in business be rich or poor, for mediocrity is no place to endure. Walk on the left or walk on the right, because it is the middle of the road which is the place of great plight.

I had written for the stage and for the screen, but it was for the novel that I was most keen. And many a novel I did write, an endeavor I must admit of endless delight. An addiction to fiction one could say, not about me, but the world of today.

It is fiction to think that success can be gained on the coattails of others, as so many can claim now as their druthers. Work smart, not hard, they will tell you, know well my friend that these words will fail you. Be honest and work hard.

My personal life, can sadly be summed up no child no wife. And I do think about this a great deal, such an alter of failure it is to kneel. I do not care for failure, but love, like all matters is determined in the heavens above.

Almost fifty years gone by now, for the life of me I don’t know how. My mother, God rest her soul, used to tell me she remembered her own mother like it was yesterday, she would cry and I would go play. It is strange to think that it is I now who recalls days gone by, and yearns once again to look up at the sky.

What would I do differently, everything and nothing at all, because to journey through life is to run walk and crawl. I have come to the conclusion that what we see is not real, all is simply a manifestation for the benefit of the soul, the experience of physicality the ultimate goal. The seasons come and go quickly again and again and there’s still so much to do before the end. Still so much to do before the end…



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