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What is about dysfunctional families that are so attractive to us?  For me, as I am certain for many of you, it’s because we relate, because we are at times mired in it.  I think most of us are the products of, or participants in, familial dysfunction.  And not that that’s always a bad thing.  It certainly isn’t when it comes to EVERYBODY’S FINE, Kirk Jones’ remake of Giuseppe Tornatore’s 1990 “Stanno Tutti Bene”.  For me, this is one film that resonates so close to home, so much so that my heart aches watching it, but in a good way. You could lift my entire family and insert it in place of the characters in the film.   Thankfully, Kirk Jones didn’t make that fatal mistake but instead called upon the impeccably perfect Robert DeNiro along with Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell to hold up a mirror to each of us and then instill more guilt than a Jewish mother with every adult child out there  (I would say parents will be guilted as well but I don’t think pigs are flying yet.)  The result is a beautiful and touching portrait of a family trying to reconnect physically and emotionally and make “everybody fine.” Continue reading MOVIE REVIEW: EVERYBODY’S FINE