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I’m tough, but I’m fair!!! Last year the first of several blogs that I posted, which were critical of AEG LA Live, dealt with AEG LA Live’s not doing anything for Saint Patrick’s Day—meaning they should have done a free event for the community to partake in. This year, AEG LA Live did do an event for the community to enjoy. And while downtownster will call out bad corporate citizens when necessary, no matter how rich and powerful they may be, downtownster / Stan Lerner is much happier giving props to companies and the people that run them when they do the right thing. AEG LA Live did the right thing this year by hosting an event for the community in their plaza.

For the sake of a little journalism, and I’m no journalist, let me tell you a little about the event. This is necessary because the chances are, like most of downtown, you weren’t there. Which is a clever way of saying that the event was not particularly well attended. In fact, I would venture to say that there were more real journalists and news crews at this event than attendees. Neither the community, which didn’t turn out, or AEG LA LIVE should be ashamed of this—it was the first year and its going to take some doing to get things right between the community and AEG, I strongly encourage both to make the effort.

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Because I am an activist on behalf of the community I will begin by putting the onus on AEG LA Live—do more events for the community and do them better. The 2010 Saint Patrick’s Day event had some of the essentials.

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