Downtownster, like most great ventures, was born from an array of circumstances so organic that our business seems almost accidental—even to me. So, let me share with you this: I myself did not intend to get into the business of blogging and until a couple of years ago hardly knew what a blog actually was or why they were becoming so popular. That being said, as an author of books and a writer of movies, I knew that the future success of my marketing efforts would involve blogging—and so it will be for all businesses large and small.

What are blogs? Yes, I know you’re reading one, but the question is not that simple minded. This particular type of blog actually came from somewhere. Blogs were originally online personal journals that evolved into bloggers (people) writing on topics of personal interest, which eventually led to blog sites that aggregated content from these sources. Then came the inevitable incorporation of hard news and media into blogging and blog websites, and like all other business owners I found myself in the middle of a communications revolution—and we are in the middle of a revolution. Well, where there is trouble…

I needed to sale books, so I started blogging. First as myself, journal style, to tell anybody that would listen what I was up to. And then, in the story or novelistic format that some would say that I pioneered on the Internet. The reason that my novelistic style exploded onto the scene and has had such a great impact with respect to promoting people, places, and businesses can be best summarized in one word: EPERIANTIAL. When a blogger tells a story, rather than a dry, journalistic, recitation of facts, the reader becomes far more involved and much like the power of word of mouth is moved to act. In my case that can involve some pretty crazy comments and an occasional marriage proposal.

Then came Downtown Oliver Brown (now featured here on Being a writer I decided that the story telling I was doing should not just be from my point of view, so I began to invent characters—the first of which was the dysfunctional, yet talented and loveable Oliver Brown—a million plus readers later this syndicated blog proved that serialized fiction could thrive again as it once had in the golden days of print media.

Finally, with an ever-growing readership, impact on people and business, and so many writers wanting to be part of the blogging world Downtown Oliver Brown had somehow put me at the center of—I created Over the last few days readers have been previewing phase one of the site, which was populated with blogs I had written for syndication over the last few months, and have had an incredible amount of nice things to say. Perhaps the most common is that the site is clean and easy to read. Believe it or not, this was actually intentional. I’ve also had several comments that our categories are particularly well suited to Downtown. Good. And I assure you that we will continue to add categories that the readers of downtownster want. Starting today there will be daily posts. And although I never intended to be a blogger, let alone running one, let me just say, this has turned out to be one of those great, unexpected things in life. So, log on, read on, and blog on. We’re all in this together now.

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