A Potter’s Touch to an Architect’s System


Our beloved MOCA, 250 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012, has opened a new installation at their design center in Hollywood, 8687 MELROSE AVENUE, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA 90069.

Adam Silverman and Nader Tehrani studied together at the acclaimed Rhode Island School of Design as architects. This ‘art meets math’ background adds an astounding depth to a breathtaking creation. While Tehrani continued on in architecture, Silverman successfully launched Atwater Pottery. Continue reading A Potter’s Touch to an Architect’s System

ISU World Figure Skating Championships–Staples

This LA sports fan has been filled with rivaling emotions over the past few weeks. I just finished agonizing over USC and UCLA men’s basketball teams falling short of the Sweet 16. I’m anticipating another strong finish for the Lakers. I’m still crossing my fingers for those feisty Kings. And I continue to thank a higher power that Manny is back for another year (and not taking up cricket as his full-time gig). I am a mess.

Wait. Hold that thought.

An awe-inspiring distraction has emerged. Perhaps newfound admiration is taking command. Toronto’s Patrick Chan just executed a triple axel. Continue reading ISU World Figure Skating Championships–Staples

“War Child”


I try to attend as many events at Metropolis Books as I can and you should too — starting with this one. The incredible story that follows needs no further commentary; just give it a read and see for yourself.

Emmanuel Jal has won worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation born out of his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan. His music can be heard alongside Coldplay, Gorillaz, and Radiohead on the fund raising ‘Warchild – Help a Day in the Life’ album, as well as in three ER episodes, the National Geographic documentary God Grew Tired of Us, and more recently in the feature film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio. He also featured on John Lennon’s ‘Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur’ amongst the likes of U2, REM and Lenny Kravitz. 


Emmanuel Jal was born in war-torn Sudan, and while he doesn’t know exactly when, he believes it was in the early 1980s. He was taken from his family home Continue reading “War Child”


Last week I posted the blog LA LIVE’S SAINT PATRICK’S DAY MASSACRE – which I am now reposting as LA LIVE’S SAINT PATRICK’S DAY MASSACRE II! No, I’m not suffering from writer’s block, I have more things to write about on any given day than I can peck out on the keyboard of my Mac. I’m reposting this blog and will keep doing so until the time that AEG / LA Live comes to the conclusion that becoming the scourge of our community is not a desirable course. I will each week add developments for better or worse in this cause.

            Last week several thousand people read my post and then subsequently flooded me with emails and text messages agreeing that AEG / LA Live has completely disappointed the community thus far and was in danger of becoming a disgrace to Downtown rather than an icon. Let me make this perfectly clear; not one single member of the community disagreed with my post. I even heard from friends in West LA who had caught wind of what’s going on…One asked to come down and see for himself…I suggested Saturday day, quite sure, that as usual, the plaza would just be an empty slab of cement. But before this tour was to take place I got an interesting phone call the day after my post.

            “Hi Stan, it’s Mike Roth.”

            “Now you’re calling,” I responded to the director of communications for AEG / LA Live.” Continue reading LA LIVE’S SAINT PATRICK’S DAY MASSACRE II

Like Water On Rock

Foreword by Stan Lerner: Matthew is a truly great screenwriter — it’s a pleasure to welcome him to the world of blogging.

The theme of the exhibit – Like Water on Rock – implies a subtle yet relentless procedure eventually, barely perceptibly but indelibly making its mark. The image is that of a tiny trickle – a drip, even – carving a niche for itself in solid stone over a period of years, centuries, millennia. The more grit or force employed, the quicker the effect, but it can’t really be hurried: the whole idea is to go unnoticed, with a finality only the truly intangible can achieve. Continue reading Like Water On Rock

Banned Movie Night

Generally I think a blog should be a story but this press release caught my eye — I like worthy causes and Doctors Without Borders is a worth cause:

Banned Movie Night: First monthly film festival of its kind, premiering movies banned by our country on socio-political grounds. Proceeds benefiting Doctors Without Borders.

The Revanchist Group presents the first monthly film festival of its kind, slated for Saturday, March 28, 2009, and benefiting Doctors Without Borders. Banned Movie Night (BMN) is an event celebrating freedom of expression by influential Creatives of the international community. A once a month event held at the Downtown Independent Movie Theatre, BMN is a platform promoting dialogue and entertainment, where people of various creative communities cross-pollinate, connect, and above all celebrate the arts. Continue reading Banned Movie Night

Hello Wine Lovers

Once again it is time for another tasting at Ralphs Grocery Store.  Monday (today) we will be tasting red table wines from 5pm to 8pm.  Many of the table wines we sell at Ralphs are special red table wines.  This simple title lends its name to many great red wines.  Legacy from Napa county Estancia from Paso Robles carries the name as well.  Even the sought after Opus One is considered red table wine. Continue reading Hello Wine Lovers

Letter From London

Foreword By Stan Lerner: When my intern told me she was going to keep me posted on her trip to London, I told her I might just post her letters on downtownster — now she won’t stop sending them. I never paid much attention to the youth of America, unless I was dating one of them, but I’m starting to like some of these kids. Ugh! So, read what Kate has to say. It’s not such a bad way to start off the week.

Dear Boss,

 Leaving the sun of LA for the pastiness of a London winter would seem like the idea of a masochist, right? But despite the harsh weather, the appeal of London does not diminish with the daylight. Instead, the city offers the culture of Europe, without the shock of not knowing the language. In this town, the EU meets the US in the most harmonious of hybrids. Continue reading Letter From London

Los Angeles Public Library

I am standing on Flower Street, looking up at the Los Angeles Public Library.  Rush Hour traffic zooms on behind me.  The central tower is topped with a pyramid tiled with a mosaic of suns.  On either side there is a hand holding a torch, meant to represent the “Light of Learning.” The building definitely doesn’t look like it went through one of the worst fires in Los Angeles history.  I climb the stairs to the entrance, three pools raised in a series ahead of me.  They are named Bright, Lucid, and Clear. Continue reading Los Angeles Public Library

Hello Wine Lovers!

Wine lovers gather together tonight as we experience Sparkling wine of California.  Out of all the wine produced in California and the wine producing regions, none is more challenging than sparkling.  From the moment when Dom Perignon uttered the words” I am tasting stars” to the last “pop” of a cork sparkling wine has enraptured us.  With its velvety texture to its long goose like necks to it’s sturdy bell shaped bottle. Sparkling wines has satisfied many over the past decades.  The history of sparkling wine in California only spans a few decades where as in Europe it spans centuries.  We will sample this wonderful wine this Saturday evening (tonight!) from 5pm until 8pm here at Ralph’s. Continue reading Hello Wine Lovers!