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Homeboy Industries

I’m walking up Alameda around four in the afternoon.  The traffic is already somewhat heavy during the rush hour, and the breeze is very pleasant.  I had just felt like taking a stroll, so I pass Union Station and Olvera Street, then the Post Office.  Philippe’s is on my left.  I pass the California Endowment Center, then Starlight Nails and Beauty Salon.  Across the street is Los Angeles Fleet Services, yellow taxicabs in constant motion in and around the building.  I’m nearing my destination, Homeboy Industries. Continue reading Homeboy Industries

Los Angeles Public Library

I am standing on Flower Street, looking up at the Los Angeles Public Library.  Rush Hour traffic zooms on behind me.  The central tower is topped with a pyramid tiled with a mosaic of suns.  On either side there is a hand holding a torch, meant to represent the “Light of Learning.” The building definitely doesn’t look like it went through one of the worst fires in Los Angeles history.  I climb the stairs to the entrance, three pools raised in a series ahead of me.  They are named Bright, Lucid, and Clear. Continue reading Los Angeles Public Library

Feeding Los Angeles Since 1917–Grand Central Market

I’m on my way to LA’s famed Grand Central Market.  On Broadway, I come across the Guadalupe Wedding Chapel, right next to Goodwill.  Beverly Hills Real Estate is next, followed by a worn down theater with an elaborate façade that screams “Film Here.” I drive around the block to the Hill Street Side, passing an apartment building displaying a certain urban feel and announcing itself Metro Inspired Rental Living.  Angels Flight and then the Third Street tunnel are to my left, darkness swallowing the cars that enter. 

 I’m hungry. Continue reading Feeding Los Angeles Since 1917–Grand Central Market


The Shortest Railway in the World

The cars remain stationary on their twin tracks, fresh paint splashing orange and black across the doors.  The metal tracks reflect the fading sunset, and the arches at both the top and bottom are clean and renovated.  I glance up at the top, the tracks narrowing at the plaza.  Although not functioning, Angels Flight is still a very welcoming sight. 

I want to ride it.  I want to chug up the tracks for the small fee of 25 cents. Continue reading A LOOK AT ANGELS FLIGHT