Sexy Spring/Summer Beauty Trends for Half the Price

Foreword by Stan Lerner: given that Downtown is the true fashion capital of the country, sorry New York friends but we do twice the business here, we here at downtownster are going to try and bring you a lot more about fashion.

This season is going to be all about a natural, radiant look for the face. Vibrant Lipsticks, colorful eye shadows, and cakey powders can be left in your make-up bag this season, as wearing less is definitely for the best this season. Below is a step through step guide of what you can wear this season to make your make-up look sexier than ever.
After many seasons of dark eye shadows taking president on the runways, a more natural look is now in. Try no eye shadow this spring and summer, or if you must wear some, wear very light, neutral tones. Try a light pink, beige, or grey eye shadow. Try Bourjois Rose Tentaion ($14 at <> ). Black, liquid eyeliner is also in this season. For this, you might want to spend a little extra so that your liner does not crack or wear off during the day. Use Make Up For Ever in black. ($21 at Sephora). Line eyes thinly on the top lid, getting slightly thicker as you make your way to the edge of your eye. Leave the bottom lid bare for a sophisticated and sexy look. For eyes, try black mascara. Apply the thickest at the edge of your eyes to make your eyes look bigger, but don’t apply to your lower lashes as this may lead to clumping.  Use Maybelline’s Define-A-Last Volume Mascara in black ($8 at drugstores).
This season is one of opposites. Runway shows that complexions tend to be either very pale and transparent, or very tan. Whatever your skin tone, don’t cover it with powders or foundations. Let your skin breath as you wear no face make up this season. For pale skin, top it with a peachy or golden bronzer. Try MAC bronzing powder in golden ($21 at MAC stores). Or, if you want to tan your skin for the summer, Try Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($9 at Walgreens). It is easy to put on and won’t leave blotchy spots on your skin.
Continuing with this season’s theme, natural lips are in. Try no lipstick, or a very light, gloss during the day. Try Wet ‘n Wild Glass Gloss lip gel in reflection ($3 at Walgreens). At night, try putting lip liner on the whole lip that is a shade darker than your natural lip color. Swipe some clear gloss over that and you’re ready for a night on the town.
Bold, thick eyebrows are making a come back this season, so leave the tweezer in the medicine cabinet. For those with scarce brows, Try Chanel Professional Brow Duo eye shadow in Brun ($35 <> ) if you want to splurge. It will add volume to your brow while still looking more natural than a pencil. To make sure you have a good arch, use a brush to brush upward. 

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