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By Colette Dumas

Last we left off, my boss, Charles Koch had sent me to a Wichita Thunder Game—I took my best friend Nina, the Thunder won their opener in a shootout, which is a big deal in hockey and sitting behind me was the man I’ve been fantasizing about ever since. And now the boss is walking toward my office, no doubt to see if going to my first hockey game stimulated my cognitive abilities in some new way and of course, I can’t explain that it did, because the only thing my 180 IQ points can focus on is the guy, older, handsome, powerful shoulders that I want to sink my hands into, before running my nails down his back when he’s on top of me.

“Lilith are you there?”

This jolted me back to the moment. “Yes Mr. Koch, I was just contemplating an alternative horizontal reality.” Continue reading THE SECRET LIFE OF LILITH III



By Colette Dumas

Is John Galliano back? Really? Not that I should have flown to Paris for his show, but f##k yeah he’s back!!! I love that he sourced fabrics from all over the world and while I was mildly offended that he chose a potato sack from the U.S. he did do it artistic justice. Sometimes I dream about his days at Dior, what a fall into the abyss Galliano took, yet I knew that his day in couture would again come. Will I embrace his ready-to-wear—he had me at plunging neckline. Woe to the great talents, which do not stumble, for life without folly is a life that has not confronted demons…

So as last we conversed, here on social media, I was on a mission to find a jacket, a green military style jacket—mission accomplished. I took my bff Nina along and then we did go for that drink, nice hotel lobby bar and I did give my number out to more than one suitor. And I will give them the time of day when they call, maybe even coffee, I admire the courage it must take for men to approach and try to chat me up. I’m not the good-looking girl, who does not know that she’s good-looking. Just coffee? Yeah, I need a lover, but none of these boys are going to satisfy me that way—I’m looking for an older man, slash real man, a huge talent of some kind, I need to look up to someone.

And here comes the boss. Continue reading THE SECRET LIFE OF LILITH II



By Colette Dumas

I’m going to write about my life in the first person, because we live in a time in which we are all at the center of our own universe, man and woman are indeed islands unto themselves, it is the worst of times to live in reality and the best of times to escape. And yes, most people have chosen the simple escape of self-induced Cerebral Myopathy, aided by screens of every size, but there are much higher forms of transcendence, I am a priestess in this regard and because there is this thing called social media, I’m going to tell you my story, I’m going to preach, I’m going to tell you to escape, how to escape, where to escape! Hear this and hear this well, I’m not going to allow you to sit and listen to your own brain cells burst, dissolve and be reabsorbed into your skin, destined to become a pathetic selfie, of what you want others to think that your life is! No, I’m going to make you think, I’m going to make you superior to a man and then make you want him to rule over you, be inside of your head, inside of your body…You’re going to love music…You’re going to revel in food and fine art…And you are going to share my passion for fashion, because a woman is a mystery, wrapped in the enigma of clothing.

Who am I? Lilith, a creature of the night, Adam’s first wife, man’s equal, the lover of angels—men dream about me in their sleep and wake up post nocturnal emission, wishing that I was there to hold them and comfort them, but I am only ever where I want to be. My hair is jet black and my eyes are darker than coal and like coal, one can sense the energy potential, the fire of ideas that lay behind. They say that eyes are the widows to the soul, my widows are draped with the most unusual of fabrics, I can see out, but nobody can see in—unless I desire them to do so. Skin is the body’s largest organ, my own is milk white. Not many people know that skin was originally created as opaque, see through, like a fingernail. And when Adam saw the woman that was created from his own flesh, Eve, he was not satisfied, so the Lord put him back to sleep and made them both as we appear now—the first makeover, I like to call it and Eve could see that Adam liked it and we’ve been covering our skin since that moment and every woman knows why.

What about Lilith, my namesake? Lilith was made from the same dirt as Adam, one cannot be subservient to one, so when Adam divided and became subservient to himself, he became opaque, leaving Lilith to the realm of the spirits, where she would always be in man’s thoughts until the end of time—because man wants what he cannot have, it is his nature.

My profession? Continue reading THE SECRET LIFE OF LILITH

Who’s-Its and What’s-Its Galore

I spent an entertaining 10 minutes perusing the FIDM gallery gift shop while Judy was in a meeting. Chunky jewelry, coffee cups gone green, and some wonderfully funky little stuffed animals had me so entranced  I barely noticed when Judy arrived. I was engulfed in mismatched fabrics and patched on eyes when she walked towards me and shook my hand. We began our tour of the recent show taken down. She reyed a particularly gripping story about this professor and artist, I snapped a few shots and we headed back to the store, where the interview took on a lighter tone.

We began at the jewelry, discussing L.A. artists that show and sell there, along side the alumni whose pieces were proudly displayed. Judy explained that the store was in constant flux, “relating to exhibitions, relating to disciplines in the college.” The set up we were currently perusing would be replaced by all things Wizard come the first week in June to coincide with FIDM’s show and private opening celebrating the film’s 70th anniversary. She talked excitedly about the 7- story balloon that would be outside with ruby slippers on it. Continue reading Who’s-Its and What’s-Its Galore

Sexy Spring/Summer Beauty Trends for Half the Price

Foreword by Stan Lerner: given that Downtown is the true fashion capital of the country, sorry New York friends but we do twice the business here, we here at downtownster are going to try and bring you a lot more about fashion.

This season is going to be all about a natural, radiant look for the face. Vibrant Lipsticks, colorful eye shadows, and cakey powders can be left in your make-up bag this season, as wearing less is definitely for the best this season. Below is a step through step guide of what you can wear this season to make your make-up look sexier than ever.
After many seasons of dark eye shadows taking president on the runways, a more natural look is now in. Continue reading Sexy Spring/Summer Beauty Trends for Half the Price

Kasey’s Closet

As a new fashion writer for downtownster, I hope to bring our readers great fashion finds in the LA area and also from other cities I travel to. As someone who works in the fashion industry and as a longtime lover of fashion, I want to share all of the great products, brands and sales I find. I will post things as soon as I find out about them and as often as possible. Hope you enjoy!!! XX Continue reading Kasey’s Closet


It’s day 14 of my not working on the script I’m supposed to be writing and for some reason even now that downtownster has 9 writers working on stories—I’ve been blessed with writing something about LA Fashion weak and yes I know how to spell-WEAK…Okay let me put this simply—I hold organizations in the same esteem that I hold big corporate America and smallpox. I particularly love when artist like Peter Gurnz come to LA from New York—to bring back 1930’s Hollywood to Downtown. Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with my story…I moved Downtown thirteen years ago to get away from all those giants of thought and culture in tinsel town. So thank you so much Peter for your effort—my words drip with sarcasm and disdain. Continue reading LA FASHION WEEK IS WEAK