By Colette Dumas

Is John Galliano back? Really? Not that I should have flown to Paris for his show, but f##k yeah he’s back!!! I love that he sourced fabrics from all over the world and while I was mildly offended that he chose a potato sack from the U.S. he did do it artistic justice. Sometimes I dream about his days at Dior, what a fall into the abyss Galliano took, yet I knew that his day in couture would again come. Will I embrace his ready-to-wear—he had me at plunging neckline. Woe to the great talents, which do not stumble, for life without folly is a life that has not confronted demons…

So as last we conversed, here on social media, I was on a mission to find a jacket, a green military style jacket—mission accomplished. I took my bff Nina along and then we did go for that drink, nice hotel lobby bar and I did give my number out to more than one suitor. And I will give them the time of day when they call, maybe even coffee, I admire the courage it must take for men to approach and try to chat me up. I’m not the good-looking girl, who does not know that she’s good-looking. Just coffee? Yeah, I need a lover, but none of these boys are going to satisfy me that way—I’m looking for an older man, slash real man, a huge talent of some kind, I need to look up to someone.

And here comes the boss. I look up to him, not because he’s one of the richest men in the world, but because he is an engineering genius, with an incredible understanding of economics, or as he would say, “Market Based Management”, I’ll tell you more about MBM later. BTW the boss is a handsome older man, but over seventy is too old…I think…He’s married anyway. But if I could meet the forty to fifty-year-old version…I’ll be changing to the past tense, be back soon.

“Hello Lilith, how are you doing today?”

“Great Mr. Koch, I prefer the lab to the office, but I know you want this IRD on your desk by Monday.”

“I’m sure you’ll have it done.” Then handing me a white envelope he continued, “Tickets to the Thunder, it’s their season opener, you should go…Exposure to new things Lilith, learning is a life long endeavor and you never know what may trigger your next big idea, or profound new understanding.”

He turned and walked out of my office…And we’re back in real-time…So my boss, Charles Koch and his brother David Koch are worth close to a hundred billion dollars and their company, Koch Industries, is the largest privately held company in America. The company has more than a hundred thousand employees around the world and I work with about four thousand of them, here at our headquarters in Wichita. If you recall from my first blog, I’m a bass player and I make a few bucks playing gigs…And I’m also about to start making upright basses in my own shop, which will hopefully become my fulltime occupation—in the meantime, I apply physics to whatever industry Charles and David have taken over. Currently, I am working on the application of an electric field that we can apply to our oil pipelines, which will lower the horizontal viscosity of the oil and in turn, reduce the amount of energy it takes to pump it along the way. And you see, when we lower the horizontal viscosity, we increase the perpendicular viscosity, which then suppresses turbulence in the overall flow—the boss loves this stuff, he has two Masters Degrees from MIT, so keeping him happy is as simple as giving a child ice cream, but substitute applied physics and profits for ice cream.

He wants me to go to a hockey game??? What am I going to wear to a hockey game? Don’t get me wrong, I get the team jersey and tight jeans look, with a nice pair of boots, but I’m not showing up dressed to match 5,000 other Thunder fans! Let’s do some browsing…I wonder what KCM has going on…Oh yes, fall tall boots in beige, now we’re talking. And there’s the perfect black fate suede mini dress. I love shopping in store, but when you have global taste and a fifteen-hundred-square-foot closet to keep filled, shopping online is a game changer!

Having grown up in New York and later Los Angeles, I’m accustomed to nice sport venues, so admittedly, I did not have any great expectations for a hockey game in Wichita. Well, let me introduce you to Intrust Arena—top-shelf by any standard. The all glass skin of the structure provides a 360-degree view of the city that is absolutely spectacular. The LED boards and the sound system, both propagate through their respective mediums in a way that is pleasing, even to the most discerning of physicists—meaning I. And of course, the tickets were the best seats in the house; keep in mind who gave them to me.

The Thunder scored first, I know none of the nuances of the game, however I do know how to take cues from a crowd, so Nina and I stood and cheered, and we continued to do so each and every time the Thunder scored. The battle was epic—I’m not being facetious when I say this, the score seesawed back and forth, eventually leading to something called, sudden death overtime, but no one died, so they proceeded to something called a shootout, in which each team provided three players that went one on one with the opposing team’s goaltender. And finally, the Thunder prevailed!!!

I don’t know how I feel about discussing my choice of clothing at this point of the story; I don’t want to wax superficial, yet I have to say that as I stood and cheered, I glanced back over my shoulder and saw a man, a real man, staring at me—not once, but each time that I stood. My hearts beating fast just recalling this and I’m a little short of breath—I can’t stop thinking about the way he looked at me and I can’t stop thinking about who he might be…I will definitely be going to the next Thunder game.

I know, I need to think of something to tell the boss on Monday, some profound insight gained from watching a puck accelerating over a smooth surface of frozen water, but for right now, I’m just going to take a bath and think about the guy in row f, seat 104…

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