By Colette Dumas

I’m going to write about my life in the first person, because we live in a time in which we are all at the center of our own universe, man and woman are indeed islands unto themselves, it is the worst of times to live in reality and the best of times to escape. And yes, most people have chosen the simple escape of self-induced Cerebral Myopathy, aided by screens of every size, but there are much higher forms of transcendence, I am a priestess in this regard and because there is this thing called social media, I’m going to tell you my story, I’m going to preach, I’m going to tell you to escape, how to escape, where to escape! Hear this and hear this well, I’m not going to allow you to sit and listen to your own brain cells burst, dissolve and be reabsorbed into your skin, destined to become a pathetic selfie, of what you want others to think that your life is! No, I’m going to make you think, I’m going to make you superior to a man and then make you want him to rule over you, be inside of your head, inside of your body…You’re going to love music…You’re going to revel in food and fine art…And you are going to share my passion for fashion, because a woman is a mystery, wrapped in the enigma of clothing.

Who am I? Lilith, a creature of the night, Adam’s first wife, man’s equal, the lover of angels—men dream about me in their sleep and wake up post nocturnal emission, wishing that I was there to hold them and comfort them, but I am only ever where I want to be. My hair is jet black and my eyes are darker than coal and like coal, one can sense the energy potential, the fire of ideas that lay behind. They say that eyes are the widows to the soul, my widows are draped with the most unusual of fabrics, I can see out, but nobody can see in—unless I desire them to do so. Skin is the body’s largest organ, my own is milk white. Not many people know that skin was originally created as opaque, see through, like a fingernail. And when Adam saw the woman that was created from his own flesh, Eve, he was not satisfied, so the Lord put him back to sleep and made them both as we appear now—the first makeover, I like to call it and Eve could see that Adam liked it and we’ve been covering our skin since that moment and every woman knows why.

What about Lilith, my namesake? Lilith was made from the same dirt as Adam, one cannot be subservient to one, so when Adam divided and became subservient to himself, he became opaque, leaving Lilith to the realm of the spirits, where she would always be in man’s thoughts until the end of time—because man wants what he cannot have, it is his nature.

My profession? I am a physicist, my specific expertise and work is in applied physics. I wanted to be a musician, but my parents, immigrants from Eastern Europe, Romania to be exact, would have no part of an artist in the family, I needed to choose “A real career,” which meant my father choosing one for me, I didn’t protest. But I did learn to play the upright acoustic bass, in secret, taught by a high school music teacher, whom I did have an intimate relationship with, he was married, I was under age—so we both had a secret to keep, you see. To this day my parents do not know that I play bass. To this day my parents do not know that I have built a woodshop where I will make the highest quality basses, since Antonio Stradivari perfected the violin. And yes, the double bass to which I refer, may appear more akin to a viola on the outside, but it’s exquisite interior is that of the violin.

I feel like we know each other just a bit. I’m going to go shopping now, in my mind I have an image of a jacket with fringes, I see it in 3D, just as I see the numbers of the most complex equations, or the notes of the music that I play. I imagine this jacket in green, cut military style, but not bulky. My skin is soft, yet the jacket is softer, 97% cotton brushed to a butter like texture, with just enough Lycra to make it form fitting and I have the form for it to fit. It might take a few stops, this one is not an easy find—the hunt makes it even more interesting. I’m going to take my best friend Nina with, she’s a geneticist, moved here from Russia a few years ago, a hot fake blonde who is completely dedicated to transhumanism, I’ll tell you more about her next time. Why next time? Because the good ones sell out and if you haven’t gathered this by now, I like to get what I want, slash, timing is everything. And then I’m going to put it on, we’re going to go somewhere nice for a drink, where more than one man will ask for my number, which maybe I’ll give out, or maybe I won’t…

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