SERENDIPITY – Don’t Miss This Happy Chance!

 On August 14 & 15 a 3,600 sq. ft. warehouse space in Downtown, LA will be transformed into a lively enchanted forest. The unique event, called “Serendipity,” features renowned artist Leila Fakouri’s design and art installation works from her full design company, Madera Design. Performance artists including aerial acrobats, dancers, poets and musicians, will take on character roles as the inhabitants of Fakouri’s lush oasis, intermingling with guests while showcasing their skills.

 “We want to give our guests a wild ride, a magical experience to escape from the hum-drum of their every day cares ,” says Fakouri. Earlier this year Fakouri and her production partners hosted a different themed event in the same space transformed by Fakouri’s design skills.   “Sweet Siamese,” received rave reviews and drew guests from all over the City and State to an isolated section of Downtown.  For the upcoming “Serendipity” event, Fakouri and her “Treetop Productions” partner, Alison Segura, have spun a new back story, characters, costumes, props and artworks. 

The imaginative theme of “Serendipity” explores the evolution of an antiquated society transformed by the enchanted forest.   “The likes of a wolf in a top hat and vest coat, gossipy ladies of the lake, a day-dreaming trapeze artist, a ballerina, botanists, a masterful mistress of the spoken word and a puppeteer with magic powers to control others, dwell here,” says  Segura. “The puppeteer is also a practical solution for a stage manager to keep performers on cue,” Segura adds.

 While “Serendipity’s” performance acts are scripted and rehearsed, guests will also enjoy the happy chance to impromptu interact with characters and the environment.  “The level of interaction is up to each individual guest.   You can just relax and watch, intermingle and network with other guests or become part of the SCENE.  This is a playground to let your inner-child out to play,” says Fakouri.

Both childish treats like mounds of dessert sweets and adult drinks are in the offering.   For more information on event specifics please visit: and

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