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SERENDIPITY – Don’t Miss This Happy Chance!

 On August 14 & 15 a 3,600 sq. ft. warehouse space in Downtown, LA will be transformed into a lively enchanted forest. The unique event, called “Serendipity,” features renowned artist Leila Fakouri’s design and art installation works from her full design company, Madera Design. Performance artists including aerial acrobats, dancers, poets and musicians, will take on character roles as the inhabitants of Fakouri’s lush oasis, intermingling with guests while showcasing their skills.

 “We want to give our guests a wild ride, a magical experience to escape from the hum-drum of their every day cares ,” says Fakouri. Continue reading SERENDIPITY – Don’t Miss This Happy Chance!

Pollenate LA – The Sting of Success

The first “Pollenate LA” event at Market Lofts on May 9, 2009 was launched to “cross pollinate” LA culture.  It’s main goal: to build a bridge between the original artists who’ve long sculpted this community with their bare hands and the new Downtown residents who’ve bought into the “Loft” development hype—into the promise of a vibrant, diverse, artistically cultivated and socially liberated community. 

Archive any of the art blogs or publications like Citizen LA and you’ll learn how pissed off Downtown artists are about they and their work going largely unrecognized, rather unsold, while a new regime of hipsters moves in on their formerly cheap space, crashes their parties, and limits their former creative liberties to say bike down the Arts District streets stark naked before the private security “Barney Police” started peddling around even less tastefully attired. Continue reading Pollenate LA – The Sting of Success