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The Regent

Foreword by Stan Lerner: a week later and blogs are still coming in about Art Walk – I told everyone to go! Well this new kid is a pretty good writer and we like that in downtownster land. Listen, if there are anymore Art Walk stories being typed away on right now, my dear bloggers, I’ll give you until Friday to get them in. After that we all have to move on to June 11th—that would be the next Art Walk boys and girls!

It was pretty slow at the bar Thursday night-something that would usually bother me, but not that night.  I raced around performing all the closing duties in record time-a blur of a black uniform hurling patio chairs, wine and glassware into their final resting places for the evening.

            -Hey, slow down.  Pour yourself a beer.  My boss offered as I raced by with a nights worth of empty bottles on my way to the recycling bin.

            This gave me momentary pause-never been one to turn down a beer.  Tonight was different though; it was downtown art walk and, in addition to the traditional post art libations at Bar 107, there was to be a much hyped show at the Regent Theater near 4th and Main.  I was getting exceptionally anxious after having received numerous texts from attendees perpetuating the buzz.  –Get over here man-just talked to some folks who saw these guys last week and said it was AMAZING.  I don’t know why the all caps technique is so effective, but it is and I quickened my pace with each such message.

           -Sorry boss, not to be ungrateful, but I’ve got to make this show.

            I jumped on my bike, a slight buzz from having reversed my position on the beer offer last minute and making short work of it, and sprinted the mile or so from South Park to Gallery Row. Continue reading The Regent