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Bert Green On Art Walk

Like the Buddhist influenced pieces on display in the main gallery area, Bert Green sits at his desk, a little Buddha-like himself, calmly presiding over the domain of the flourishing downtown Los Angeles art scene. I took a good look at the exhibits before sitting down today with the multiple gallery owner, and founder of the Los Angeles Art Walk.

The event had been growing at an impressive rate since it’s creation in 2004, and I wanted to find out what direction Art Walk was taking these days. Bert tells me it’s great, but he thinks it’s also taken a bit of a wrong turn. Continue reading Bert Green On Art Walk

A Potter’s Touch to an Architect’s System


Our beloved MOCA, 250 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012, has opened a new installation at their design center in Hollywood, 8687 MELROSE AVENUE, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA 90069.

Adam Silverman and Nader Tehrani studied together at the acclaimed Rhode Island School of Design as architects. This ‘art meets math’ background adds an astounding depth to a breathtaking creation. While Tehrani continued on in architecture, Silverman successfully launched Atwater Pottery. Continue reading A Potter’s Touch to an Architect’s System

Like Water On Rock

Foreword by Stan Lerner: Matthew is a truly great screenwriter — it’s a pleasure to welcome him to the world of blogging.

The theme of the exhibit – Like Water on Rock – implies a subtle yet relentless procedure eventually, barely perceptibly but indelibly making its mark. The image is that of a tiny trickle – a drip, even – carving a niche for itself in solid stone over a period of years, centuries, millennia. The more grit or force employed, the quicker the effect, but it can’t really be hurried: the whole idea is to go unnoticed, with a finality only the truly intangible can achieve. Continue reading Like Water On Rock

New Gallery Is A Must See

When it comes to turning a painting into a three-dimensional piece, I get a little wary. It had better be done for a damn good reason or it will always come off kitsch. Artists have tried for years and failed to turn the surface of a canvas into a sculpture with the notable exception of Jasper Johns. I understand the yearning to mix media and push painting out of the corner Pollock painted it into. I have not, however, seen a successful painting/sculpture arise in any of my art making peers. With this very heavy bias in mind, I ducked into the PYO gallery, 1100 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, on a blustery L.A. afternoon. Continue reading New Gallery Is A Must See

Feeding Los Angeles Since 1917–Grand Central Market

I’m on my way to LA’s famed Grand Central Market.  On Broadway, I come across the Guadalupe Wedding Chapel, right next to Goodwill.  Beverly Hills Real Estate is next, followed by a worn down theater with an elaborate façade that screams “Film Here.” I drive around the block to the Hill Street Side, passing an apartment building displaying a certain urban feel and announcing itself Metro Inspired Rental Living.  Angels Flight and then the Third Street tunnel are to my left, darkness swallowing the cars that enter. 

 I’m hungry. Continue reading Feeding Los Angeles Since 1917–Grand Central Market

Alternate Universe Art Walk

Last night’s art walk was a blur of one strange event after another, complete with an Andy Warhol look-a-like. The evening began like most art walk’s do. The energy was high; the hipsters came out in droves and the music kicked up.

By 7:20 I was tucked safely away in the cellar that is the Crocker Club, 453 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013. This place was a trip. You walk in the door, take a sharp right and head down the stairs. Immediately you’re hit with the ambiance, a moody low-lit vault, and separate cage-like rooms screaming sit down, relax, be cool. Continue reading Alternate Universe Art Walk

Carl Ramsey and Viva Hoffmann
Show Brand New Work at the Art Walk

Bert Green Fine Art Gallery Presents Viva Hoffman and Carl Ramsey

Bound simply by their realistic painting styles, the two artists showing Thursday, March 12th at the Bert Green Fine Art Gallery provide two very different stories. Carl Ramsey, who has shown at this gallery before, fills his solo show with images of downtown Los Angeles life. Viva Hoffmann, most recognized for her days with Warhol, takes an exciting step away from her well-known landscapes to reveal a new body of stunning icons.

Ramsey’s previous work at the Bert Green Fine Art Gallery received such positive feedback that he was asked to create a new body of work for a solo show. The pieces shown this Thursday continue in the same vein of his previous paintings. “Carl lived in the neighborhood for many years and painted the neighborhood”, said Green. Continue reading Carl Ramsey and Viva Hoffmann
Show Brand New Work at the Art Walk


The Shortest Railway in the World

The cars remain stationary on their twin tracks, fresh paint splashing orange and black across the doors.  The metal tracks reflect the fading sunset, and the arches at both the top and bottom are clean and renovated.  I glance up at the top, the tracks narrowing at the plaza.  Although not functioning, Angels Flight is still a very welcoming sight. 

I want to ride it.  I want to chug up the tracks for the small fee of 25 cents. Continue reading A LOOK AT ANGELS FLIGHT