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Pollenate LA – The Sting of Success

by Heidi Hutchinson

The first “Pollenate LA” event at Market Lofts on May 9, 2009 was launched to “cross pollinate” LA culture.  It’s main goal: to build a bridge between the original artists who’ve long sculpted this community with their bare hands and the new Downtown residents who’ve bought into the “Loft” development hype—into the promise of a [...]

Hello Wine Lovers!

by Mike Berger

Hello Wine Lovers, Mike Berger here from Ralph’s Grocery. Last night we tasted Zinfandels from California. I picked Ravenswood Teldeschi Dry Creek Valley, Ridge 40 Year Anniversary, Ravenswood Belloni Vinyard and Ravenswood Lodi Old Vine.  The Lodi region is an especially warm climate and perfect for growing bold high alcohol deep fruit forward style wines.  [...]


by Stan Lerner

One of the great things about being the editor of downtownster is that a number of really interesting people, places, events, ideas and so on come across my desk. By across my desk, in the year 2009, I mean across my computer or bumping into me over coffee. And although I can’t give everything the [...]


by Shannon Logan

Last night I proudly attended the first ever MusicUnion Mixer for fans, musicians, writers, and industry members, held at my trusty downtown hangout spot the Must. I can honestly say I only have one real regret from the evening’s activities. At some point that night I remarked, with much swagger, that I’d order the Colt [...]

Hello Wine Lovers!

by Mike Berger

Hello wine lovers tonight we are in for a special treat, Champagne for Mothers Day will be served tonight from 5pm to 8pm Monday the 4th of May compliments of Pierre Jouet.   Champagne is a region of France about 60 miles to the north of Paris.  Cooler climate dominates this area in the winter months [...]

Tyrese Gibson Brings Mayhem to Lucky Stike Lanes

by Michael Chavez

“Burks?” “Burks?” “Nah man, you’re not on the list. Sorry.” A summer ago I worked a door at the Ivy Hotel in San Diego.  The Ivy is a boutique hotel that also features several nightclub venues.  Think Modrian Hotel and the accompanying Skybar in Hollywood.  Drunks bad-mouthing you. Hotheads challenging you. Older women grabbing you. [...]


by Stan Lerner

        It’s Friday and I showed just a bit late to Bottega Louie for breakfast, which in my case is a cappuccino. Why I let the annoying guys at the bar buy me drinks I do not know, but it did make them go from annoying to down right pleasant in a matter [...]

Britney Spears And Me?

by Stan Lerner

            It was 2003 and I was strolling down Sunset Plaza to the famous Coffee Bean on Sunset—everyone frequented this particular Coffee Bean. Do not go looking for this establishment; like much of Hollywood’s luster—it is gone. So centered was my life around this place and the people that relaxed, schmoozed, [...]